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The Curious Cabinet

Play The Curious Cabinet Slot with 500 Free Spins at Money Reels

Play The Curious Cabinet

With a horror theme on board this slot game takes the player into a horror domain where your biggest nightmares lurk. Be on the watch throughout the game as you might loose track and wander off in the wrong direction.

The Curious Cabinet ul slot game

The Curious Cabinet Slot Summary

The music of the slot game is full of thrills and will give some real chills in the spine while the players try to manage some wins in this slot game. In this slot the player starts off in the middle of a creepy house where the horror creatures are roaming and are hungry for some human flesh. The creepy house hasn’t been explored since decades and there are rumours that a giant treasure lies in the basement of this house. Will you explore it or do you give up in front of your fears? Enter the creepy house right now at MoneyReels. The Curious Cabinet has an RTP of 96% with 5 reels and 40 paylines. The coin value can be changed between 0.01 and 1.25.

The Curious Cabinet online slot game

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The Curious Cabinet Online Slot Gameplay

This slot has a theme revolving around the genre horror that keeps its players stuck to their screens because of its thrills and horror creeps. The music of the game is chilling and adds up to the horror element a lot. Will you be able to find the treasure in this creepy house? Or will you like most of the others give way to your fears and phobias. Don’t lose your wits and try to find the hidden treasure in the creepy house. The risk is high, the dangers are many but the rewards and bonuses will make you forget all the troubles you had to go to claim those bonuses and rewards. The background of this game shows a creepy house where the dim lights will increase your fear factor by manifolds. The walls of this creepy house contain random dolls and other taboo items placed in shelves. The portraits of monsters and spirits hang on those walls in the background. Red Curtains cover the top of the screen convincing our minds that danger is lurking somewhere near. The walls of this house are also painted red. Red is a colour that has been associated with dangers throughout the cultures of the world. Be on your guard and do not lose your focus while earning some wins. The symbols of the game are creepy and crazy like the game itself and will add up to fun of this game. The different symbols of the game include Butterflies, A Heart,  A Toad, A Skull , A Green Flask, A Palantir Stone

A Wild Rose Symbol is part of the special symbols and can replace all symbols except the monster doll and the drawer symbol. The other bonus symbols in the game are Monster, Doll and Drawer Symbol.

The music of this game adds up a lot of horror factor to the gameplay. Mute your speakers if you cannot take it because it will consume you slowly as you progress in the game towards more rewards and bonuses.

If you cannot take the horror thrills anymore and want to just get away from these troubles of rewards wins and risks, then just turn on the autoplay and get going with your other tasks. The autoplay feature will earn you your rewards in an automated way without you have to face the risks and troubles.

The Curious Cabinet slot game

The Curious Cabinet Slot Game Bonus Features

This trip into the creepy house is full of risks and troubles however there are many rewards and bonuses awaiting the players in this slot who dare to go into this house and despite all the dangers try to find the bonuses and treasures. The game has a lot of bonus features and rewards to offer which include

Silver Drawer Bonus

They always say that do not open drawers in a creepy house. But with risk comes double enjoyment so do not fear and do not hesitate, open up those silver drawers and if you manage to open 2x Silver drawers on the screen then immediately you’ll be prompted to free spins session in which an additional reel will be added to the slot box which will contain silver and golden drawers with each of those drawers containing rewards and bonus prizes. Be choosy about those drawers as some of them might be empty and you might miss some good rewards and bonuses. During regular games the silver drawers appear on reel 2 and 4 only.

Monster Bonus

If landed in 4x or more numbers the monster symbols pay as scatters.  This symbol otherwise keep rewarding the player randomly during the gameplay.

Doll Bonus

If landed in 4x or more numbers the doll symbols pay as scatters.  This symbol otherwise keep rewarding the player randomly during the gameplay.

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