The Link UK Online Slot

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The Link slot game

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The Link is a 3 reel, 8 payline online casino with a 93% RTP by Gamevy.

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The Link UK online slot game

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The Link UK Online Slot

This online casino game is based in a future era where mankind has successfully conquered the deep corners of space and now everything that our telescopes saw is within our travelling reach. With ultra-fast machines and latest technology Mankind is bent on conquering the universe at a very fast rate. This corner of the universe has just been recently discovered and you are among the leading team of astronauts that have just entered this domain in the deep dark space. Watch every step because there might be other species of aliens out there who might be hiding from you. Your fellow scientists have found several important resources that are in abundance in this corner of the universe. Take on the resources now to earn a handsome fortune. This adventure deep into space will be full of ups and downs, boring years of vacant space to travel but it will give you a chance to explore the outer space and to make some very large and nice wins.

The Link Developer - Gamevy

Gamevy is London-based developer has a unique style and trend of producing different slot games. Other Gamevy slot games to the Link include games like 7-UP, Boss The Lotto, BlackJack and Epic Gems online respectively.

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Space adventures are always exciting and full of rewards because space is host to many hidden resources and treasures that we can just dream about on this planet earth. So keep your eyes open and don’t get bored in these outer space realms, they have a lot of hidden treasures which just need to be pointed out and explored. The game has a simple spin and win technique and there is not complex rule or feature in this game. It is a traditional slot that will make you feel much relaxed and better once you start playing it. Try to today on Money Reels and see if your adventures reward you back or not. This slot has got an RTP of 93% and has got 3 reels with 8 paylines for the players.

This slot’s gameplay focuses on the realms of outer space. Looking at the stars at night has always teased and poked the imagination of humans that what possible could lie out there in that vast space. Now that science has advanced and we know that Space is literally a never-ending mystery of galaxies upon galaxies with billions of miles in between them. This further increases our interest in Outer Space and forces our minds to think that What if we could go to the deep corners of space and explore for ourselves what lies there? This slot lets you experience the same outer space in a fun and entertaining way. You won’t have to pass through billions of miles of boring journeys and sleeping sessions. You will directly land in the space where the space resources are being harvested and you have to lay claim on them. Keep your space suit tight because pressures at this corner of the space can drop at any time leaving you unconscious. The faster the reels spin the more chances you have to earning more rewards and bonuses from the resources. The music of this slot is also space oriented and would mentally take you into another world where this space travel is a reality. The music helps to make the gameplay more lively and more interesting. Keep your ears on the music but your eyes should be focused on the reels. Space travel is a favourite topic among Sci-Fi genres of slots. It has been a fantasy of many scientists of modern age which is not possible as of now in today’s world but if mankind keeps on progressing at the current rate then in the near future space travel will be possible and this slot might just become reality where groups of humans will be harvesting resources in different corners of the space for their own benefits.

The Link Slot Features

The genre of this slot is Sci-Fi. It lets the players experience the reality of the outer space via its background which is covered in a dark black screen that is sheer mystery and some moving glitters that are not known to any human. These animated glitters give a very lively touch to the screen and make this space corner look even more mysterious. The black background behind the slot box is even more mysterious that makes one wonders that what more might by lying in those dark areas of space. This same question has led the humans from their planet Earth billions of miles away to this far corner of the universe. The slot box of the game is a very simple one with 3x3 configuration. There are no outer borders or inter reel borders and the symbols are individually placed on the reels. On pressing the spin button the reels rotate in a very impressive manner that looks very stunning on the screen. The reels are also fully transparent making the black background very prominent.

 The information is shown beneath the slot box while the buttons are placed on the right of the slot box. The symbols that are used in this slot are also from outer space and are depicted by different symbols such as a circle, triangle, square, diamond and a cross. All these symbols are of different colours. The additional symbol of this game is the wild symbol that can make you win on multiple lines and help you in making your journey a more interesting one. Keep an eye for those wild symbols and pick them up where ever you find them. The autoplay can be turned on by holding the click on the spin button which will spin the reels in an automatic manner for you.

There are no bonus features of this slot. The only wins are in the base game.