Tut's Twister UK Online Slot

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Tut's Twister slot game

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Tut's Twister is a 5 reel, 25 payline slot game with a 97.1% RTP. This UK Online Slot comes with Respins and Wild feature.

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Tut's Twister UK online slot game

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Tut’s Twister UK Online Slot

Slot games come in numerous themes, graphics, sounds, and not to mention distinct bonus features. When it comes to the genre of a slot game, things can be a little complicated because the game ought to be not just original but the theme, graphics, sound, and other apparent features have to utterly creative so that the game can make a name for itself. Needless to say, the competition in this genre gets a very broad spectrum. A lot of history, myth, mystery, and adventure games can be mingled together to get an amazing and entertaining slot game but it’s not as easy as one can imagine. In very simple and easy words, creating a unique game with history and adventure can be somewhat challenging but that is not to say that feat is impossible.

It gets even difficult because innovating and coming up with different and special games takes a lot of creative processes but the game, soon to unveiled, will show that creativity and entertainment can be easily offered if the game is composed in the right way.

Tut’s Twister Developer - Yggdrasil

Tut’s Twister’s theme provided by Yggdrasil is not unique or even something that you may never have heard about but the game does have a unique touch into it that brings life into the very theme of the game

Let alone history slot games, a lot of games come close to Tut’s Twister as far as the ancient Egypt theme goes. Some of the remarkable mentions include Ancient Egypt Slot which can be easily found on the internet. Throne of Egypt is not just attractive but holds a lot of admirable bonuses and features. If that is not all, Pharaoh's Luck slot game makes it on the top of the list which shares the exact theme and idea as Tut’s Twister.

Toki Time and Secrets of Atlantis share the same RTP as Tut’s Twister. Secrets of Atlantis holds a lot of similarities with Tut’s Twister, not just being a historical game but the part of the game is relatable to the Tut’s Twister original epoch.

Play Tut’s Twister Mobile Slot

. Before we discuss the theme, let’s imagine a place where the desert is ruled by nothing but bursting sunshine. Remember the place is historic and you have seen the place numerous times on TV, Movies, and in other things. What if you were there in that very place and were also back some 3000 years ago? This is what Tut’s Twister is going to be like as far as its theme goes. It’s like if you’re in ancient Egypt.

To make the game more interesting, the theme employed in this game is reflected by the astonishing graphics and sounds used in it. It’s exactly like you’re in ancient Egypt, but you’re not there to take a walk in the ancient parks or on tour, you are going to go way deep into the tomb of Tut and explore and discover hidden treasures in it. Needless to say, if you’re lucky, you just might get a lot more than your expectations.  

Tut’s Twister Slot Features 

Here are a few details you have to know about Tut’s Twister.

This game has 5 Reels and offers 25 Paylines. The Tut’s Twister comes with an exciting RTP of 97.1%. This clearly shows that the game promises a lot in return despite being a historic game. It should also be included that the game features a very promising Bonus game and if you’re lucky enough to land on your luck, you could be eligible to win a lot. The Wild symbol in this game is Tut himself. Regarding the other symbols of the game, Tut’s Twister does not offer a Scatter and therefore does not offer free spins whatsoever but that is not the complete and entire picture as far as the free spins go.

The game’s main feature happens to be the bonus round which is triggered by the number of Wilds scored in the game. To unlock the Bonus round, the player needs to land at least 2 or more Wilds, to begin with. Once the Wild is scored, the player is given the opportunity to avail as many free spins so long the Wilds keep occurring in the game. This goes on and on, especially if you are high on luck and can prove to be a very rewarding game indeed.  

There are ups and downs to every slot game there is. Tut’s Twister is no exception. On the bright side, the game is constructed beautifully and fully manages to create an aura of ancient Egyptian civilization. The game has a promising adventurous touch to it and then the very fact that the hidden treasures do promise a lot to the user are vividly correct and on point. The fact that the game lacks a Scatter is fulfilled by the fact that the game can reward free spins on scoring Wilds. That does however steal and nullifies the exciting rounds and bonuses that could have been offered by scoring Wilds.

Tut’s Twister Slot Game Review 2019

On the downside, the game is fairly simple which was not the game’s strongest trait. Had there been a Scatter, which would have been sufficient to score free spins, Wilds would have been replaced by actual bonus rounds instead of Free Spins. On the bright side, RTP is fairly high but had there been actual bonus rounds and actual ways to score using the Wilds, the game could have been a huge addition to History and Adventure slots. The game nonetheless is entertaining and does promise a high RTP but only there had more features and bonus rounds, the game would easily have been on the top.

If you’re interested in finding more historic and Egypt themed games, visit MoneyReels.com to find the games of your choice.