Unicorn Legend UK Online Slot

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Unicorn Legend slot game

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Unicorn Legend is a 5 reel, 25 payline slot game with a 95.4% RTP. This UK Online Slot comes with Free Spins, Scatter Symbol and Wild feature.

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Unicorn Legend UK online slot game

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Unicorn Legend UK Online Slot

You will need to be very careful because of the beauty of this legendary unicorn. In the past, there have been many who tried to catch a glimpse of this beautiful unicorn but it was all In vain. The second thing which is most exciting is that the Unicorn is not here without any purpose. It is believed that the Unicorn will lead you to a secret treasure inside the forest where nobody else has gone before. In legends and stories Unicorns are often very generous creatures that offer their services to humans who they trust, otherwise, they are very shy of humans and very difficult to trace because the Unicorns disappear immediately if they stumble upon any human being in their path. This forest is like no other forest you have seen or entered before in your adventures. All the trees, bushes and even the landscape of this forest is different from other typical forests which you have seen. Magic is everywhere in this forest due to which the forest gives away a very enchanted look that will leave you stunned because of its beautiful view. Don’t be afraid to enter the forest because it does not host any wild creatures. 

  This slot game has got an RTP of 97.17% and gives the players 5 reels and 25 betways to play from. You will have the option to place a bet between £0.02- £250.

Unicorn Legend Developer - NextGen

Nextgen has its own record of producing slots that come with unique themes and that have many rewarding features. Other similar games from Nextgen include titles such as A while on the Nile, Big Foot, California Gold and The Snake Charmer slot game.

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The theme of this is focused on the enchanted forest that is home to many magical creatures. It looks like the great Fangorn forest from JRR Tolkien’s books. You won't regret entering this forest because ultimately you will be rewarded with lots of wins if you let your luck stand by your side. There are very few who have dared before to enter this forest due to natural fears of the unknown but it is the rule of nature that the bold is always rewarded more as compared to those who tread carefully. So choose your destiny yourself, whether you are a bold person or someone with a more neutral approach. If you like adventures and love slots about legendary creatures and magical domains then this is the perfect slot for you that will leave all your desires fulfilled. The genre of this beautiful slot is Fantasy as it takes you into a fantasy world filled with fun and adventure. The background of this slot shows the fantasy world in the form of a magical forest that you are about to enter. As you can see from the background it is totally a magical forest with its own unique colours. The unicorn is also present somewhere which is signified by the pink dominated sky. The bushes and trees of this forest are very different from other forests. They have a touch of magic with them that makes them look very stunning and beautiful. Who knows a magical creature might be watching you from behind those thick bushes and it might be the legendary unicorn which we all are searching for so eagerly.   

Unicorn Legend Slot Features

The slot box is another stunning feature on the screen with its own special decorations. It is bordered by its own dark coloured border with the number of lines displayed on the both sides of the slot box. The game’s logo is beautifully designed and placed at the top centre of the slot box. The number of betways are displayed on both sides of the slot box in the form of betways of small boxes. The reels have a white coloured background given to them that makes them stand out from the background giving a very luxurious and magical look to the screen. The symbols that are used in the game are of two main groups. Lower symbols depicted by Alphabets i.e. J, Q, K, A, 9 and 10 or higher symbols such as a flower, an owl, a castle and a fairy. You can also utilize the special symbols such as the wild and scatter to get some extra wins.

Landing the unicorn symbol on reels 2, 3 and 4 will grant you with free spins for your base game. Different options are granted to you if you are able to land this symbol on the reels with regards to the free spins and the multiplier. These free spins can be re triggered as well from within this feature.

Unicorn Legend Slot Game Review 2019

The unicorn is on everyone’s mind so just feel safe in the fact that the prospects of the treasures and getting rich might be very high if you enter the forest in search of the great unicorn. Keep traversing through the forest at a fast rate by spinning the reels at a good pace. The more high wagers you place the more chances you have of stumbling upon some precious items and different rewards in this colourful forest. This little adventure of yours in the forest might award you with many little rewards and surprises. So keep your adventurous spirit alive and explore the forest to its limits in search of the famous unicorn. It is believed that the unicorn entered the forest through Money Reels, so why not try it right now and give your luck a shot to see if you can find the unicorn or not.