Viking Wilds UK Online Slot

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Viking Wilds UK online slot

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Viking Wilds is a 5 reels, 3125 paylines online slot game by Iron Dog Studio. Viking Wilds has Wild, Sticky Wild, Multiplier, Free Spin, Collapsing Symbols and Expanding Symbols features and an RTP of 96.06%. Reels can expand, extending the path to Odin's Kingdom, whilst simultaneously increasing the number of win ways from 1024 up to potentially 3125 win ways.

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Viking Wilds UK slot game

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Viking Wilds UK Online Slot

If you turn the clock back five years, you won't find a significant number of online slot games using the theme of Vikings. In the here and now, they're everywhere. It feels like a new one is released by somebody every month, and our job at Money Reels isn't so much to find Viking-themed online slots as to decide which ones are the best to offer to our players! We can probably attribute the spike in popularity to the success of the television series ‘Vikings,' which has an ‘official' online slot of its own. This isn't that though - this is Iron Dog Studios giving us their version of Viking lore in a very entertaining package.

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When there's an officially licensed product out there on the market to appeal directly to ‘Vikings' fans, a developer has to be on their very best form to capture attention. Iron Dog is at peak performance here. The visuals are outstanding, the sound effects and music are drenched in atmosphere and totally in keeping with the theme, and the whole playing area feels alive. The background, rather than being the sort of static image that exists in most online slots, changes from spin to spin. You'll even see the occasional Viking warrior come to sit next to your reels occasionally and see how you're getting on. They don't offer you anything in terms of gameplay, but it's good for helping you immerse yourself in the slot's game world.

The layout of the reels in Viking Wilds will change - more on that in the ‘bonus features' section - so don't get used to them. You'll start with a 5x4 set and 1024 ways to win. The slot is called ‘Viking Wilds' because of the way that wild symbols work here, and they're the focus of the entire slot. There's more than one type of wild for you to play with, and they all behave a little differently to each other.

Before we talk about the wilds, let's get the standard symbols out of the way. They're made up of J, Q, K, and A, followed by some traditional elements of Viking legend - a hammer, an ax, a helmet, and a shield. There are also three runes, of which the red is worth the most to you.   

We can’t talk about the wilds without talking about the bonus features, so let’s move on to looking at them.

Viking Wilds Developer - 1 x 2 Gaming

The UK has its own answer to America's Silicon Valley, and it's Silicon Beach down in Brighton. That's where you'll find the home of UK online slots developer Iron Dog Studios, which is one of the newest names on the scene. They're an offshoot of 1x2 Gaming, and they were created with a mission in mind: To think outside the box.

1x2 Gaming will continue to release their own products, so they don't need a sister company to produce more of the same thing. Iron Dog is here to innovate and to inspire. There isn't much material to judge them on just yet, but Viking Wilds, Blood Queen slot game, and Treasure of Horus online slot all suggest that they're doing well with their brief. As a whole new decade of online slot games is just about to begin, we expect Iron Dog to be one of the brands driving change within the sector. Hopefully, that means some exciting and cutting edge online slots to look forward to.

Viking Wilds Slot Bonus Features

We’ve already said that this slot is all about the wilds, but the ways in which you’ll find those wilds varies. A few of them might appear during the base game, but you’re more likely to find them after a win because of the Collapsing Symbols system, in which any symbols involved in a winning combination disappear, opening up space for new symbols to drop onto your reels from above the grid. The more exciting wild symbols can only arrive this way.

The Standard Wild is exactly what it sounds like, and can show up on any reel other than the first one. It's a blue disc shape, and when it appears, you'll also receive one of three magic keys, which will then be stored on the left-hand side of the playing area. The keys are Collectable Symbols.

There is also a Sticky Wild, which appears on the third reel only and, as the name suggests, stays there even if it makes a winning line when it lands, and remains in place for your next spin. As with the standard wild, it will bring you a magic key.

Wild symbol number three is everybody's favorite - the Expanding Wild. It can land anywhere except the first reel, and immediately expands to fill the reel it lands on. The third of the magic keys comes with the expanding wild.

Here's the catch - you need all three wilds at once to get the three keys you need to progress on to the slot's main bonus feature. They won't show up on a standard spin, but if you get on a roll with collapsing symbols, they'll appear from above to complete the set. This isn't easy to trigger, so you'll have to stick around for a while to earn them. As well as watching out for this, you also need to be aware that the layout randomly expands whenever it feels like it, adding another row on anything between one or all of the reels. That pushes the number of ways to win up to the 3125 we quoted you at the beginning of this review.

Viking Wilds Slot Game Free Spins

Once you’ve collected the three keys, you’ll receive your promised Free Spins. The number awarded to you is dependant on how many rows are active when the feature is triggered. If you still have the same layout you started the slot with, you'll get twelve free spins, and the payouts for any wins will be the same as they are in the base game. One or two expanded reels will bring fourteen free spins, with winnings doubled. Three or four expanded reels are worth sixteen spins with treble winnings, and a whole five expanded reels get you the maximum of eighteen spins, with all winnings quadrupled. The multiplier can go even higher - it will increase by one every time another wild symbol appears during your free spins.

All of the above probably sounds complicated, but when you're playing the slot, you soon get used to it. The most important thing to remember is that getting through to a free spins round is difficult but worthwhile, and the more complicated features happen of their own accord. You may not feel like you have much control of what's going on - but control of the game is always an illusion in online slots anyway!