Vlad's castle UK Online Slot

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Vlad's Castle UK online slot

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Vlad’s Castle is a 5 reels, 25 paylines online slot game by Eyecon. Vlad’s Castle has Wild, Scatter Symbols, Free Spins, and Respins features and an RTP of 95.3%. 3, 4 or 5 scattered Vlad symbols appearing anywhere trigger 15, 20 or 25 Free Games respectively.

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Vlad's Castle UK slot game

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Vlad's Castle UK Online Slot

If there's one thing that ‘Twilight' and ‘True Blood' have taught us over the course of the past decade, it's that people just love vampire stories. Ever since Bram Stoker put pen to paper over a century ago and gave the world ‘Dracula,' we've all been a little fascinated about the idea of undead creatures who look like humans, can turn into bats and drink your blood. Vlad's Castle, an early 2019 release from Eyecon, doesn't have an official license to use the Dracula name. Instead, our resident fanged friend is called Vlad, and you're cordially invited to his castle to play his online slot.

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The horror genre is surprisingly popular in online slot games, and we say ‘surprisingly’ because it doesn’t make sense for people to be constantly on edge when playing slots. You should want to feel relaxed, alert and focused on your game - you don’t need unexpected frights lurking around every corner to throw you out of your rhythm. That being said, it doesn’t make sense to pay money to go to a cinema and scare ourselves witless watching horror movies either, so maybe we’re just a little strange as a species.

One thing that won't scare you in Vlad's Castle is the graphics and animations in the base game - they're not realistic or cinematic. At the risk of sounding critical, they're actually a little bland. The background is a plain (but appropriately bloody) red, and the framed are modeled after the gates to the vampire's castle, wrought out of iron. What the slot lacks in strong visuals it makes up for in sound effects, though - the creepy background music is bang on theme, complete with an ominous choir and a spine-tingling piano.

In keeping with the graphical presentation of the slot being simple, no less than six symbols are given over to playing cards, running from 9 up to A. They have, at least, been given a makeover to make them fit the slot’s style, appearing to be made out of the same iron as the gates. The remaining four symbols are more appropriate for the subject matter; a coffin, a white rose, a vampire bat and a girl looking over her shoulder and appearing to regret her life choices.

There are two further symbols in the slot, both of which are scatters. One is the face of Vlad himself, and the other is the castle he lives in. As well as functioning as a scatter, Vlad is also wild, and capable of replacing everything apart from the other scatter symbol to make winning combinations. Whenever Vlad helps to create a paying line, he applies an x2 multiplier for it. With that kind of generosity, we can almost forgive him for being a blood-sucking monster!

Vlad's Castle Developer - Eyecon

Becoming a big hit in the world of online slots came as something as a surprise to Eyecon, who never set out to enter the virtual casino business at all. When they formed in Australia in the mid-1990s, they wanted to get into the video game business like Rockstar Gaming or Electronic Arts. They even had some success with (appropriately enough) a horror game called ‘Gore' in 1997. The game performed better online than it did in stores, and in doing so, it made Eyecon think about what kind of games might be played on the internet in the future. Correctly, they guessed that the era of online slots was about to begin.

Fast forward to the present day, and Eyecon have opened a second office in Guernsey so they can be closer to UK online slots players, and ensure they always have at least one office open no matter what time of the day it is. They're probably best known for their Fluffy Favourites series of slots, with the first in the cuddly-toy themed series being released in 2006. Character-driven slots are what Eyecon do best, and Vlad's Castle is another example of that.

Vlad’s Castle Slot Bonus Features

As there are two scatter symbols in Vlad’s Castle, there are also two bonus features - one for each symbol. Triggering either of the bonus features is confirmed on screen with some nice animations, during which Vlad’s case will melt from his human visage into a horrible, withered monster.

The castle bonus symbols provide access to what’s known as the Portrait Feature, which is a prize-pick round. The round will start whenever you land three of the castles in one go, but getting four or five is preferable because it will allow you to make more selections from the portrait gallery. The portraits are of Vlad's family, and choosing any of them causes them to transform from human to vampire with just as more gruesomeness as Vlad's own transformation. Don't look away from the transformation though, because once it's complete you'll be given a multiplier, which will be applied to your line bet when the round is over. There's an x100 multiplier hiding behind one of the portraits, so going in with as many picks as possible and being lucky is the route to success here.

None of Eyecon’s online slot games would be complete without a Free Spins feature, and they haven't sold Vlad's Castle short by leaving it out. Eyecon tends to give you more than most online slots developers when it comes to the number of free spins you receive, and that's the case once again here. You'll get fifteen free spins for three of the Vlad wild symbols, twenty for four of them, and a big 25 free spins if five separate Vlads land on your reels. This feature can trigger again while in progress if you land more Vlad wilds. Our vampire host is also more generous here than he is in the base game - the value of all wins in which he's involved are trebled.

This isn’t the best slot Eyecon have ever made. It isn’t even the best slot they’ve made within the last year. That’s not an insult though; Eyecon’s standards are very high, and their very best games can rival all other online slots for quality. Visually it’s a little behind-the-times for 2019, but the bonus features make for a profitable time if you can trigger them. And maybe don’t play it at night - just to be safe!