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Wicked Tales: Dark Red

Play Wicked Tales Slot with 500 Free Spins at Money Reels

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Everyone read and loved little red riding hood in their childhood stories. Well, who knew she would grow up and become a sizzling beauty with lot of powers. Embark on this journey today with the riding hood lady and unravel the mysteries of the great forest itself. Brought forward by Triple Edge / Microgaming this slot game is based on children’s story Little Red Riding Hood but the difference is that is more of a prequel to that children’s story.

Wicked Tales: Dark Red uk slot game

Wicked Tales: Dark Red Slot Game Summary

In this slot game the little girl we loved and read about has grown up to be a warrior lady with very attractive features as the players are going to witness on the screen. She will take you deep in the forest to explore the depths of that forest and to solve the pending mysteries. You might have to face monsters on the way or you might find huge rewards waiting to be opened by you , that will be your utter luck. The game’s genre can be classified as “Adventure” as the game is full of it. It definitely will keep the players involved in it as there are many surprise features awaiting the players. To join the great adventure play this game today on This Game has an RTP of 96.1%. It has 5 reels 25 playlines .The coin value varies between 25p to £200 pounds.

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Wicked Tales: Dark Red Slot Gameplay

The theme of this game is based on the story revolving around Little Red Riding Hood, how she grew up to become a fierce warrior and revisited the same dark forest which was her nightmare once. The game has a touch of horror mixed with thrill and adventure as the player visits the dark forest to unravel its mysteries. The game is as exciting as the thrills it gives to the user. It will take back the user to his childhood story version but with a twist of adventure and horror. The background of the slot game is the same dark forest which we read about in the childhood. Evil prevails in this dark forest and it is full of horrendous creatures. In the background the same very cottage is also visible where little red hood was once trapped with the great wolf. The reminder of that horror episode sends chills down the spine of any reader or viewer. The game’s fun increases with every passing minute and is surely going to be a roller coaster ride of adrenaline rush for the player. Dark smoke rises from the cottage and nobody knows what is inside. Stay with the Red hood for she knows how to handle those evils of the forest. The slot box appears to be carved out of wood and is bordered by the ancient woods of the medieval era. It is a different type of a slot box with 2 half reels and 3 full reels which are segregated by planks of wood. The symbols used in this game are similar to other slot games with the alphabets depicting the minor valued slots whereas the major valued slots are depicted by the symbols and portraits of different characters and items.

The lower symbols in this game include

1. A Symbol

1.2, 12 , 24  times the reward for 3x , 4x ,5x  combinations respectively

2. K Symbol

1.2 , 10 , 20 times the reward for 3x , 4x ,5x  combinations respectively

3. J Symbol

0.8 ,6 ,12 times the reward for 3x , 4x ,5x  combinations respectively

4. Q Symbol

0.8 ,8 ,16  times the reward for 3x , 4x ,5x  combinations respectively

The upper slot symbols with symbolic shapes and rewards include

1. A Pouch of Gold

1.6 ,16 ,32 times the reward for 3x , 4x ,5x  combinations respectively

2. A Candle

1.6, 14 , 28 times the reward for 3x , 4x ,5x  combinations respectively

3. Riding Hood Portrait

4,40,200 times the reward for 3x , 4x ,5x  combinations respectively

4. A Male With Torch

3.6 , 36 , 80 times the reward for 3x , 4x ,5x  combinations respectively

5. A Wolf

3.2, 32 ,60 times the reward for 3x , 4x ,5x  combinations respectively

6. A Locket

2.8 , 28 , 48 times the reward for 3x , 4x ,5x  combinations respectively

The special symbol in this game are represented by

Dark Red logo (Wild)

Moon  (Scatter : Triggers Wheels of fortune)

The card with Dark Red Logo represents the wild card and replaces all the standard symbols in the game to form winning combinations.

If you are too scared to carry on this hazardous journey , then do not worry at all , you will be given the option of autoplay for this game. By clicking this you can retire to the couch while The Red Hooded hot lady does all the work for you.

Wicked Tales: Dark Red online slot game   Wicked Tales: Dark Red slot game

Wicked Tales: Dark Red Slot Game Bonus Features

Definitely a journey with such hazard  and dangers will end with lots of rewards for the players. The treasures of the dark forest await discovery by adventurers like you . The bonus features offered by this slot game are.

Wolf’s Wheel Bonus

If the player manages to land 3x or more of the scatter symbols i.e. Moon anywhere on the screen then the player is given access to a wheel of fortune feature where the player has to spin a wheel. The reward ends up in two forms either a monetary reward or a bonus feature. The wheel will keep spinning till the time your luck doesn’t end on a bonus feature.

The different bonus features offered by this game are

Forests of Fortune

User is given option to pick from pouches . If it is an ax then it will an extra chance , if it is coins then it will increment the reward by 1x but if it is a wolf then it will end the round.

Free Spins

If the player manages to stop any of the four highest value symbols on the wheel then he is rewarded with 9 x free spins .

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