Wild Wizards UK Online Slot

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Wild Wizards slot game

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Wild Wizards is a 5 reel, 25 payline slot game with a 92% RTP. This UK Online Slot comes with Free Spins, Scatter Symbol and Wild feature.

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Wild Wizards UK online slot game

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Wild Wizards UK Online Slot

It is a fictional world created by JRR Tolkien which is about different races such as Elves, Orcs, Goblins, Uruk hai, Wizards, Men and Dwarves. Wizards as part of this legend are those learned race that tries to maintain the balance of nature in this chaotic middle earth. They can be both evil and good and often side with good and evil sides. The famous wizards often sided with the good sides against evil but some wizards like Saruman often sided alongside the evil forces. These wizards are very powerful people with super powers in their hands and with their magical sticks and super magic keep things in check. The wizards take it as their responsibility to protect middle earth form all hazards and destruction of all sorts. This slot game is based upon the famous White wizard also known as Gandalf the White. It is about the famous and great wizard who saved middle earth by his bravery and under his guidance and rules the fellowship destroyed the evil ring of power. The white wizard is a token of power in middle earth and everywhere he goes, he is praised and regarded. There is another white wizard as well but he does not side with the good side, his name is Saruman and he has decided to help evil prevail in this society. 

White Wizard Developer - Eyecon

Eyecon has a speciality of producing cute and colourful slots like this which are very different from mainstream slots. Other similar games to White Wizard include Haunted Hallows slot, Jurassic Juniors, Irish Luck slot and Fluffy Too. Try these games if you have a taste for fun filled and unique slots.

Play White Wizard Mobile Slot

This slot has a fun filled and entertaining gameplay so we will presume that the white wizard in this slot is Gandalf the White. He will be looking after you in this slot like he looked after Pippin. You will be accompanying the white wizard on his adventures in Middle Earth on his famous white horse. The white wizard will take you to many areas of middle earth where you will witness great battles and the skills of the wizard. Spin the reels with heavy wagers to ensure that you get ample of chances to make wins and rewards. The white wizard will be looking forward to your bravery and response to his help to you. If you show boldness, bravery and courage on this adventure then the white wizard will reward you with many bonuses and special surprises. Don’t get too excited about this adventure and keep yourself safe from dangers such as the Dark Lord’s forces otherwise you will find your coins vanquished.

The game aims at allowing the players to experience the fun filled moments with the white wizard in a colourful background. It does not let you feel the tensions and the burdens that the white wizard lifts on a daily life basis while keeping other people of middle earth safe. Enjoy this simple and fun filled slot to its max by indulging yourself in the reel spinning process. Play big and win big, that is the secret of success behind this game. If you want some big and nice rewards then you will have to play boldly on the reels with big wagers. You have to try this game on Money Reels if you want to enjoy the company of the White Wizard. He will overwhelm you with his awesome white magic. The game comes with an RTP of 94.9% and has got 5 reels with 25 paylines. The wizard will let you place bets between £0.01 – £2.00.

White Wizard Slot Features

 The gameplay of this game is about the magical environment of White Wizard’s world. The screen will give you a magical impression and give you the impression of being in the company of the great Wizard. It has an adventure and fun filled genre which combines the thrill of adventure with the light moments of fun to give you an awesome gameplay experience. The background of the game shows a magical scene in the form of white stars that have been dispersed by the white wizard. All the symbols of the game are related to the theme and are categorized into simple symbols and special symbols. The special symbols are depicted by the wild and the scatter symbol.

White Wizard Slot Game Free Spins

This wonderful and adventurous journey in middle earth will be full of dangers and fun filled moments. Utilize this opportunity in the company of the white wizard to gain maximum rewards and bonuses for yourself. The wizard is very generous in nature and is always very hospitable to his guests.

If the white wizard is generous on you and gets a chance to land some dragon symbols on the reels in 3x numbers or more then it will grant you with free spins.  For every 3,4 and 5 dragons you will get 15,20 and 25 free spins. The wizard will act even more generous during the free spins and will appear on the reels during the free spins to convert that reel into a wild reel. All the wins will be evaluated once the free spins have ended. The free games can be triggered for a max of 15 times and they are played on the same lines as the base game.

For those players who want to go on the full berserk mode in this adventure and shock the wizard can try the gamble feature. It will allow them to double or quadruple their wins by correctly selecting the shown choices on the screen. You can lose it all by selecting the wrong choice. It is a risky feature but only those with guts will try to use it for their benefit.