Super Cash Buster

This is an instant win game that brings colour matching to the fore. When you are able to match a block or blocks of colours, then you are definitely on your way to winning cash prizes. Simply hope that the block busting power stays with you so that you can win cash prizes.

Super Cash Buster Summary

The game is called Super Cash Buster because there are opportunities to win cash prizes while playing the instant win game. Unlike many online slots that feature reels and paylines, Super Cash Buster simply employs the rolling of dice. The game features free spins and no deposit is required. The formation of blocks in this instant win game is coloured in 3–dimension (3D), reminding one of the classical Tetris game.

Super Cash Buster online casino

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Super Cash Buster Online Gameplay

IWG, the developer of Super Cash Buster can be said to have gone beyond the norm when the settings of Super Cash Buster are considered. Instead of featuring reels, rows and paylines, Super Cash Buster employs a dice format instead. In addition, it is an instant win game too. Although Super Cash Buster was likened to the classical Tetris game – outlook-wise, however, it is not about fitting in shapes to eliminate gaps like Tetris. Instead, you have blocks to destroy in Super Cash Buster and the more the clusters of colours destroyed, the better for you because the higher the points to win will be!

For every bet you make, you will be awarded 8 rolls of the dice. After every roll of the dice however, the colour appearing on the dice’s faces will change, thereby eradicating matching colours from a zone known as the cash buster zone. It is therefore imperative that you have clusters of colours as many as possible so that colours matching the clusters on the grid can be destroyed or eradicated along with the clusters. This will in turn allow more colours to fall in place. And with this pattern of play, you have the opportunity of attaining the cash buster zone frequently in the game, thus implying frequent payouts.

Each colour featured in the game has its metre that you have to fill up. So, the more the colour of a kind you are able to eradicate from the cash buster zone, the quicker the colour metre will fill up. When you successfully fill up the green colour metre, £5 will be awarded to you. When the blue colour metre is filled up, £10 will be given to you. You will receive £50 for filling up the purple colour metre. £1,000 will be awarded for filling up the red colour metre. You will receive £10,000 for filling up the orange colour metre. And a whooping sum of £250,000 will be awarded when you fill up the yellow colour metre. Kindly note that you are only awarded 8 rolls of the dice for every bet and it is with these 8 rolls you’ll have to fill up the colour metres. You are therefore advised to roll your dice wisely!

Super Cash Buster casino

A summary of how to play Super Cash Buster is enumerated below.

To begin the game, just has you have it in many online games, you will have to set your bet. You can use the plus (+) and minus (-) buttons to adjust your bet. After setting up your bet, you can use the play button to start playing the instant win game. You will receive 8 rolls of the dice. When you roll the dice, all the blocks in the cash buster zone with the colour of the dice will be eliminated. Also, if there are blocks of the same colour touching a block that is being eliminated, those blocks will be eliminated as well – meaning that blocks having contacts with an eliminated block will also be destroyed as long as they have they have the same colour with dice. Eliminated blocks will gradually fill up the matching metre colors and once any metre is filled up, you will be awarded prizes as mentioned above.

Super Cash Buster features a return to player (RTP) ratio of 88.25%. this means that for staking up to £100, your payout will be a minimum of £88.25.

Super Cash Buster Online Features and Bonuses

f colours in the game, you have the opportunity of winning additional features and instant prizes. These extra features are highlighted below.

Prize Amount Feature: If you luckily hit the block that displays a prize amount, you will be awarded the prize revealed by that block.

Extra Roll Feature: As you smash the blocks, successfully smashing the extra roll block (the block that shows the extra roll) will award you an additional roll of the dice.

Mini Game Feature: If you successfully hit the block displaying a mini game, you will have the opportunity of playing a mini game.

Finally, when a colour metre is filled up, you will be awarded the prize associated with that colour on the prize table.

Super Cash Buster Online Developer 

IWG, the creator of Super Cash Buster instant game is a renowned game developer in the casino gaming industry. For over 12 years and as a result of consistency, the company has successfully developed more than 250 games. This is a great achievement for the company! As a result of its robust services, the company has its presence in the UK, North America, Canada and Gibraltar. Y ou may try Crossword cash and Fast Buck Lucky developed by IWG.

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Super Cash Buster instant win game is available for play at Money Reels. Simply logon to to start playing the colour buster game!

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Super Cash Buster can both be played on the desktop as well as mobile devices.

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