Joker Gems

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Joker Gems slot game

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Joker Gems is a 5 reel, 5 row slot game with a 96.3% RTP. This UK Online Slot comes with Respin and Jackpot feature.

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Joker Gems UK online slot game

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Joker Gems UK Online Slot

When it comes to slots there is no restriction as far as creativity goes. The fact is that the when it comes to creativity, so much can be done and made in online slots that new ideas are being introduced every day. A slot game, that we know cannot be limited to just a simple fruit machine or a slot with various features and bonuses. Speaking of creativity, the game that will be summarized in a bit has everything in it that represents not just quality but also plenty of rewards in it.

Let’s talk about gems. They are rare and precious. Anyone in the world who is the possessor of gems and jewels is quite lucky and there is no doubt that they are met by people from around the world for their unique possession. Not every stone that looks precious or beautiful deserves to be called a gem. They are rare and their structure can only be known to the experts who are masters in their field. That being said, every blue or green stone that we get to see is not exactly a gem, because, possibly a lot of us cannot tell. But those who have with them in their possession such rare gifts of nature are not just lucky, blessed, or favoured by nature, but words go beyond for them. Having a gem in possession nowadays is rare, and it’s not like something one can easily get from a shop or anything like that. What makes them interesting is that they are very rare. While the earth is rich with calcium, silicon, iron, magnesium and other elements, gems are not that easy to be found. With gems being a part of the discussion, it is also important to bring out another subject which is considered to be a very rare yet an interesting subject.

Joker Gems Developer - ELK Studios

Joker Gems provided by ELK is one of the most entertaining slots out there. ELK Studios is a Swedish game studio developing highly entertaining videos slots and tools for the online gambling industry. Founded in 2012. Some of the slot games from ELK include Platooners slot and Taco Brothers slot game.

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Jokers or jesters are creatures by whom we are mystified. While they entertain and make us laugh, their personality is nonetheless very intriguing and allows us to think about what exactly goes in their minds. It is easy to say that cracking a joke is no art, but telling a joke and controlling the audience through an atmosphere is certainly an art. Anybody could memorize a line and deliver it to entertain their audience but being a joker or jester is certainly no joke.

Combining these two aspects of our lives we now introduce the slot game that has been awaited for so long to be introduced.  For starters, the game is bonded with an atmosphere of mist, space -- things that we expect to see in the future or somewhere distant where our imagination is very least likely to work and help us realize how much we know and not know about our lives. But apart from what the game intends to show, Joker Gems has been crafted and made very beautiful and it is honestly fair to say that while this game is entertaining and amazing to look, it is equally rewarding and promises a lot of rewards only if the player has the right amount of luck on their side.

Joker Gems Slot Features

Here are a few things that you would like to know about Joker gems. For starters, the RTP of this game is 96%. The variance of this game can be regarded as not so high but not sell medium. This game, unlike other slots, doesn't quite have payline. The maximum that can be achieved through this game is 120,000 points. To talk about the structure of this game the game offers 5 x 5 reels. A structure like this is often employed for games that do not have any paylines. In order to score in this game the player has to match the jewels and the more the jewels are matched the bigger is the reward for the player.  

Joker Gems Slot Game Review 2019

Here are a few things that you will come to know about Joker Gems. Although there are many games that offer similar themes not to mention many rewards and incredible features, There are of course very few games that manage to exhibit the same background and ideas that Joker gems have to offer. Gems and jewels online slot, it is one of the first sought and incredible games that are offering not just great awards but has a striking resemblance with Joker Gems. Mega Joker is also a game that fits wonderfully with Joker Gems as far as the theme and background go. The resemblance can be easily found not just in the symbols but can be highlighted in the gameplay itself. Notable mentions also go to Rainbow Wild and Wild Deluxes.

when it comes to features and offers by any slot game offers and rewards are kept in mind. RTP, paylines, and other bonus rounds. A few games that make it into the list are Fruit-o-Matic, Polar Picnic, Acorn Pixie Slot, Cherry Blast slot game, and Zeus God of Thunder slot. While these games may not quite have the similarities in terms of theme and background, or even the genre for that matter, these games, as simple as they are, have similarities with the game in consideration. What is also remarkable about these games and Joker Gems is the fact that the RTP in all the games is very same as Joker Gems. Wizard of Oz Road To Emerald City deserves a special mention for not only sharing same features and technical specs as Joke Games but has a very interesting representation in it as it is a classical slot only with a touch of modern day culture, that is presented by the Wizard of Oz movie.

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