Cosmic Reels UK Online Slot

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Cosmic Reels UK online slot

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Cosmic Reels is a 5 reel, 10 payline slot game with a 96.17% RTP. Respins the reels during the COSMIC WILD feature and also awards collection wins up to x100 total bet.

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Cosmic Reels UK slot game

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Cosmic Reels UK Online Slot

A lot of games with different features. So many themes can be used in a slot game, not to mention new themes introduced in the game. So much can be achieved through these games, but it’s not as straightforward as it appears to be. A lot of things have to be considered before winning any game, especially the chances of luck that are at stake. They should be kept in mind while playing any game.

When it comes to understanding the world, we often go for ideas and theories that guide us and rule us from the universal perspective but that is not how everything works. There are so many things we know but there are a lot of things we think we know. Most importantly, of all the things we know, there are so few of them that we actually understand. We may have heard of things but being confused by the thought that we actually know them is too naive for us to consider. But there are ways to have our understanding cleared on so many perspectives. There is not one narrative concerning everything in the world. There are many and to even fully understand one perspective could just change our lives.

Cosmic Reels Developer - MetaGu

A special reference to cosmos can be found in Cosmic Reels. The game has been developed by MetaGu has a great significance to not just the cosmos but also the very idea of how diverse and entertaining the majestic aura outside our planet can be. The theme designed for this game completely justifies the presence of cosmos in it. The symbols used are also a sign that the game has it all and it can be related to the fact that whatever possibilities cosmos may have, perhaps a lot of them could be true or even related to Cosmic Reels itself. Other slot game from the same developer include Azteca Gold slot and Candy Spins slot game.

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Of all the things we are not always ready to understand is related to the things that are outside our world. We do not know so much about the world that is outside our planet. We don’t know the atmosphere that is present outside. Most of us, in fact, all of us mostly have never been to the world outside our earth. We have only seen things and inspired ourselves to know more about the universe, the cosmos, but a lot of us haven’t been quite connected to that part of our universe -- unless we are astrophysicists. But those of us who are only fascinated by the idea of the universe and the cosmos, we have done a lot to understand what it is like out there through the internet. That being said, so many references of cosmos and cosmic like things have been discussed and talked of. There are so many references of the outside world in games, movies, TV, and so many other things. We may not know so much about the universe, let alone cosmos, but the references made will always make us cherish and not help wonder about the amazing world we are in.

Cosmic Reels Slot Features

Here is everything you need to know about the game, technically and for other features.

Cosmic Reels comes an RTP of 96.17%. That sort of RTP comes with a lot to give and can really help players win a lot, based on their luck and what can be offered to them based on their luck. The game includes 5 reels and offers only 10 paylines. The most significant thing this game has to offer is the rewards it has to offer with respect to each symbol. The symbols used in this game are Tiger, Monkey, Goat, Bird, Snake, and other alphabets and numbers. The symbols to really look for are the ones that associated with the animals.

The blue snake symbol can let you have 240 points if you manage to get 5 of it in the payline. That is only the start and it gets better as other symbols will be discussed later. The bird symbol comes with 300 points provided that the symbol is scored 5 times. Moving on to the more high paying symbols, The goat symbol can let you have as many as 400 points maximum. The same symbol can also award 100 points if you manage to get 4 of it. The second best offer has been made by the monkey symbol. If you’re lucky enough to get 4 of the symbols, 125 points can be yours. But the best trait associated with this symbol is when you can get to have 5 of it. That is when you will have 1000 points. Finally, the highest symbol offers 1000 points only if you manage to 4 of it. The biggest reward of this game can be achieved if you manage to get 5 of the tiger symbol. The biggest reward of this game is 10000 points.

Special mention goes to the Wild and Cosmic Respin feature. The Wild symbol can let the player turn all the reels into high paying rewards. This is where the player has the opportunity to win as much as 2000 times the reward with its multiplier feature. The free spin feature can also let the player not only free spins but also a multiplier of 100 times.

The game is not alone promising itself but manages to be quite entertaining and fulfilling as far as its features go. If the player can find his luck within himself/herself, this game can prove to be quite a fortune.

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