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Crazy Genie

Play Crazy Genie Slot with 500 Free Spins at Money Reels

Play Crazy Genie

Deep from the deserts of Arabia, and inspired by the movie Aladdin comes this magical and thrilling slot game Genie Wild based in the markets of medieval Baghdad itself. It is another masterpiece of Red Tiger Gaming.

Crazy Genie Slot Game Summary

It is based upon the legend of the lamp and the Genie. A legend which has travelled down the generations for thousands of years. It is inspired by the Disney movie Aladdin which is signified by the symbols and theme. In this travel of the medieval Middle East the player gets to experience the powers and rewards given by Genie as a first-hand experience. It has 5 reels and 20 playlines. With an RTP of 95.32% it is being offered for free play on the largest casino hosting site. The most attractive part of this slot game is the Blue Coloured Genie symbol which is inspired by the genie from the movie Aladdin who is seen rolling among the cards and is the wild symbol as well of this game. Do you have it in you to impress the great Genie and earn for yourself huge bonuses and rewards? Play this slot game right now to find out

Crazy Genie uk slot game

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Crazy Genie Slot Gameplay

The gameplay is set in an Arabian street with Arabian tunes playing in the background with gold coins, gems and luxurious carpet scattered on the street floor. The top of the slot box is covered in silky blue coloured cloth with the title text written “Crazy Genie”. The very much familiar lamp is also visible which if rubbed summons the blue Genie. The Arabian tunes in the background keep the user focused on the genie and his next action. If you are lucky then the Genie can grant you your biggest wishes in the form of winning money and rewards. It is no surprise that Red Tiger has come up with another splendid title in Slot gaming. The slot cards are given beautiful colours which adds to the fun of the slot game. The borders between reels is divided by a thin yellow line. The Genie is watching you throughout the game while you place your wagers, so be very careful.

The cards are of different values as per the paytables and offer different rewards.

The Alphabets form the lower symbols of this game

1. A Symbol

6,24,80 for 3x , 4x and 5x combinations respectively

2. J Symbol

2,12,40 for 3x , 4x and 5x combinations respectively

3. Q Symbol

4,16,50 or 3x , 4x and 5x combinations respectively

5. K Symbol

4,20,60for 3x , 4x and 5x combinations respectively

5. 10 Symbol

2,8,30 for 3x , 4x and 5x combinations respectively

The upper symbols in this game are represented by

1. A Scimitar

30,100,300 for 3x , 4x and 5x combinations respectively

2. A Cobra Snake

20,60,200 for 3x , 4x and 5x combinations respectively

3. A Magic Carpet

16,50,150 for 3x , 4x and 5x combinations respectively

4. A Genie Thumbs Up

10,30,100 for 3x , 4x and 5x combinations respectively

There are some special symbols for this game.

1. A Golden Lamp (Scatter)

2. A Genie Card (Wild)

The Blue Genie depicts the wild card. It can turn all your wishes come true and there will not be a limit of 3 wishes only. The genie can turn your luck into a streak of winning rewards by replacing all the cards on the slot game to get winning combinations except the scattering ones i.e. golden lamp. If you manage to get the blonde genie card in winning combinations of 3,4 or 5 then you can manage to get rewards up to 30,100,300 credits respectively

The screen interaction is entirely easy and simple to learn with a basic menu to put down your wagers, change the settings, set the sound, and see the pay tables. The game is as thrilling and fun as the name itself because you do not know what the Genie holds.

Background music of this game is well suited to the background and the general theme which is of Middle East particularly the Arabian desert. You can fairly well feel the mystery and suspense in the music that plays in the background while you place your bets in the game. You feel as if the genie himself is watching you very carefully as you click the Spin button the fast paced moving reels coupled with the Arabian background music surely going to give you the goosebumps of your life as you will be praying to the Genie to grant you all your wishes.

You can always turn on the Auto mode on if you want to do other tasks and if you cannot take the suspense anymore. If the genie takes his toll on you then you can switch to something else to ease your tensions and turn this auto mode on. If you want to try your luck manually with the genie then you can always turn back the manual mode.

Crazy Genie online slot game   Crazy Genie slot game

Crazy Genie Slot Game Bonus Features

All those who visit the famous genie are rewarded with several bonus features

Magic Lamp Bonus: It is triggered by landing three of the scatter symbols i.e lamp anywhere on reels 2,3 and 4 which gives access to Wheel of Bonuses which can award the user with further following features

Oasis Bonus : shake the lamp to win rewards

Lamp Bonus : rub the lamp to build 200x more reward

Gift Bonus: Genie offers the player gifts from which he can select and win upto 1174x the stakes.

Gold Bonus : player receives a random number of free spins on which coins are chucked

Treasure Bonus: a gift is given from the Sultan’s royal treasure which can reward a stake multiplier of upto 258x .

Crazy Genie Bonus : The genie appears and awards the user with following:

Crazy coins: rewards the user with instant wins

Magic Lamp: any of the magic lamp bonuses are rewarded

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