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Dracula's Family

Play Draculas Family Slot with 500 Free Spins at Money Reels

Play Draculas Family

Play this amazing slot game with five reels and 15 paylines as well as plenty free spins and wilds at

Dracula’s Family uk slot game

Dracula’s Family Online Slot Summary

This slot game is modeled on the interesting story of the Dracula’s family, and it is created by Playson. The Dracula’s family is a Romania family of vampire nobility. This family background can be traced back to a period shortly before the second millennium, which should be around the year 1000. That the bloodline had been that long and still has some relevance to this present day speaks volume of the enigmatic nature of the Dracula’s family. The family precisely reside in Transylvania, and the head of the family is a person known as Granny Dracula. She raised all sons in her place called the Dracula Castle.

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This castle is situated at a place close to where the Romania Bistritz was. The Dracula family is made up of three sons namely; Arta, Count, and Ivan. Immediately after the death of Arta, Count by tradition became the head of the Dracula’s family. History has it that Count for so many years blamed himself for Arta’s untimely death until he later discovered that Arta’s wife, had killed him. This Dracula’s Family slot game is based on Count, the head, and leader of the Dracula’s family. The Dracula’s Family slot is about his wife, daughter and two mischievous sons. In this slot game, you will see the different members of the family on the reel, each of them representing something in the game. The Dracula’s Family slot game satisfies our desire for the gothic. In this slot game, you will be confronting the Dracula’s family. For you bravery to do so, this slot game will be rewarded with enough bonuses and coins; it is certain your wager is in for some bountiful increase. If you are ready for those bonuses and increases, then get in here to play the Dracula’s Family slot game.

Dracula’s Family Online Slot Gameplay

The Dracula’s Family is cast in a very detailed 3D graphics that is alluring to the eyes. You will enjoy playing this game. The vividness of the graphics adds a detailed sense of the gothic to this slot game. Everything in this slot game shows everything about the Dracula’s family bloodline. The table reel is cast against a background that shows inside the Dracula’s family’s castle. This visual clarity will almost make you feel the Dracula’s presence around you; it would seem you are right there in the Dracula Castle. The background features many sculptures and statues that reflect the Dracula’s family. Visible among those many statues and sculptures are a portrait at the left side of reel table, and a fierce looking warrior at the right side of the reel table. This warrior is masked, but occasionally, his eyes burn red. The background is such a scary place to imagine being. At the far end of the background is skull sitting on a table. Added to the mystery background are candle stands with burning candles. This background is alive as the candles burn slowly. Dracula’s Family slot game has one of the best graphics quality you would find in slot games out there.

The reel table is sitting in the center of the background. The reel table’s borders design blends well with the colour of the dreadful background. At the center top of the background is the name of the game written with gothic calligraphy that adds to the overall design of the slot game. Sitting in the reel table are different symbols with significant details. The Dracula’s family represent some parts of the symbols on the table reel. There are also the traditional card symbols on the table reel. The slot game has an RTP of 95.55%.

Dracula’s Family online slot game  Dracula’s Family Slot game

Dracula’s Family Online Slot Bonus Feature

Confronting the Dracula’s family is no mean step, and this is why this slot game has got enough bonuses and rewards to make your playtime worth the while. The Dracula’s Family slot game is one that promises entertainment and bonuses in equal measures. There are free spins almost everywhere in this game that it is not only limited to the scatter, the wild symbol also has free spins attached to them too.

The wild symbol is represented by the Dracula’s family twin. One thing about the wild in this game is that it can increase the wilds; that means a single wild can end up give 2 or 3 more wild. Whenever you spin the twin logo into view, the spins come of the look at shoot some eyeballs out of their catapults. These eyes come on other symbols and replace them. The wild also comes with two free spins. Please also note that the wild only appears on the 5th reel.  

You need a minimum of 3 scatters symbols to trigger the free spins in this game. The scatter symbol is represented by the Dracula’s Family logo. With 3 scatter comes 15 free spins. If you are lucky enough, you can win the 1,705 jackpot. 

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Dracula’s Family Online Slot Developer

Playson was founded in 2012 in Malta. It has been around for a long time now and has been churning out great games ever since. It has offices and licenses to operate in many countries like Malta and Ukraine and the UK. Playson has since 2012 created games that are definitive markets of great slot games. Their stables are filled with interesting games you would want to try out. Having different offices in different countries has given them the experience of knowing what works in different climes and with different people.

Gameplay on mobile vs. desktop/laptop

The only difference there is between playing this slot game on mobile and laptop is that one offers a bigger screen view that the other while the other offer more accessibility to make up for its bigger screen. The mobile has a smaller screen so you might not get as many details as a desktop computer would offer. But what you can be sure of getting from the mobile platform is mobile accessibility as you can play the game wherever you as much as your mobile device is with you. It should also be noted playing the slot game on both platforms gives an equal fun. So, you do not have to worry about losing out of the fun when playing on a platform. You can as get to play on both platforms to get both sides' experiences.

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