Easter Island! UK Online Slot

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Easter Island! is a 5 reel, 25 payline slot game with a 95.3% RTP. This UK Online Slot comes with Free Spins, Scatter Symbol, Gamble and Wild feature.

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Easter Island! UK Online Slot

There are places so many that have barely been discovered by explorers and people that we know of in today’s age. It is true that the age of discovery is beyond gone and there are ways much sophisticated and better than there were just some 200-300 years ago. What is fascinating is the fact that of all the places we have managed to find on the surface of the earth, we have barely scratched their mysteries and their history. We may seem to know their latitudes and longitudes. We may be equipped with the latest tools of spotting and finding places in a matter of time through the internet. We cannot, however, solve all the mysteries associated with the places.

Durga and Little Panda are some of the notable games that come very close in offering the same features as Easter Island. The slot game offers similar RTP, not to mention features and offers.

Easter Island! Developer - Eyecon

Easter Island is not just an island if you go to search the internet but is a very interesting game offered by Eyecon.

Easter Island offered by Eyecon is more about the Easter Holiday set on Easter Island. Easter Island slot game itself is another game based only on the island itself and has a very strong resemblance with the game in discussion.

Play Easter Island! Mobile Slot

One of the most intriguing places that have been found in the world are not present in Europe, Asia, Africa, America but on the lower side of the Americas. While that is not to undermine other continents and their findings but perhaps a lot of people may not be aware of what lies in the Southern sides of America, that is South America. There is not just the Bermuda but so many other beautiful places and resorts can be easily found in this majestic corner of the world -- Not to mention some of the most mysterious places and islands of the world.

One of the most fascinating and majestic sights are offered on Easter Island. The most interesting spot in that island is where the stone made figures can be seen. There are 15 of them with tall stony faces and are said to have been constructed by the locals of that island around 13th to 16th century. To whom the stones were directed or what exactly is the history of the stones? That is quite a long topic to be discussed here. The reason why this has been mentioned refers to a very interesting topic that is about to come.

But to be real, that is one Easter Island that exists in real life. The one that is going to be discussed here is rather about Easter, the holiday and also the actual place situated in South America.

There are animals, symbols, as all the games offer. Most importantly, the game offers rewards and fortune if you’re a determined player who is willing to try their luck to a great extent. Like all other slot games, it’s all about entertainment, getting to know and admire the game’s features and graphics, a little learning perhaps, and above all, getting to win.

Easter Island! Slot Features

To begin with the technical details, the game holds an RTP of 96.1% which is quite impressive for a game with a mixture theme of the Easter Island itself and the holiday Easter. The game offers the average 5 Reels and 25 paylines, which is quite sufficient for a game to offer considering the theme and background of this game.

While the game offers the usual featured rounds and bonuses, this game offers the very same but with a little different touch with respect to the theme of the game. To make sure you get the free spin features, you have to look out for the Wild symbols. All the player needs to do is to score at least 3 in the reel and they’ll be rewarded with a free spin game. It gets better because the least number of spins that are offered in this game is 15. So, just for 15 spins, all you have to do is get at least 3 Wild symbols in the reel. It gets better because if you manage to get 5 of them in the reels, you’ll be awarded 25 free spins. It gets even better because if you manage to get more wilds during the free spin, your free spins all over get doubled, tripled and so on.

The Easter Egg symbol is an interesting symbol in this game. If you manage to get 3 of them in the game, you’ll be taken to the Prize Pick feature. For every symbol you scored, you get to have at least 1 prize for yourself, so the least prizes that you can get for yourself are 3. The number can go up based on the number of symbols you get. The prizes offered can be multipliers that can boost your score as much as 100 times.

Easter Island! Slot Game Review 2019

The game is a very interesting slot and has successfully managed to combine the features of the easter island with the Easter holiday. If you look at the game, it’s a very adorable combination of Easter bunnies, eggs and the mystical island itself. But that is not the only thing that the game has managed to provide. The game offers plenty of free spins and offers a great many opportunities for players to get lucky.

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