Elementium Spin 16 UK Online Slot

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Elementium Spin 16 slot game

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Elementium Spin 16 is a 5 reel, 10 payline slot game with a 95% RTP. This UK Online Slot comes with Free Spins, Scatter symbol and Wild feature.

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Elementium Spin 16 UK online slot game

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Elementium Spin 16 UK Online Slot

Elementium Spin 16 was designed and created by Genii. Genii maximized the idea of magic to captivate us with this slot game. This idea of magic is intertwined with the power of nature. There are many natural symbols on the reel that bears testament to that fact. In this game, all elements of life are on display to show the various powers they wield. There is the element of air, water, earth, ether, iron, organic materials, crystal, and wind. This slot game does not only thrill its player with its theme, but it also gives players chance to challenge rewards and bonuses.

Elementium Spin 16 Developer - Genii

Genii is based in the UK and has been creating and developing slot games for quite some time now. To show how long they have been in the slot game industry, they have over 100 slot games on their stable. Saucify is a privately owned software company with 4 investors.

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Play Elementium Spin 16 Mobile Slot

Elementium Spin 16 is a wonderful looking slot game on the reel. Saucify deploys fantastic 3D graphics to building a slot game that is eye-catching. The background and the reel table of Elementium Spin 16 are filled with colours that are mixed well to achieve visual engagement. Also, there are bright lights everywhere in the background. There is a blend of the purple, green and orange colours to achieve most of the elements that this slot game is based on. For instance, it is easily noticeable that the colour red represents fire, and green one could assume represent nature on the reel. The bright white light bursting through the blue colour could be seen as representing wind. There is indeed a laudable ingenuity on the part of Elementium Spin 16 slot game’s developer in the manner they have been able to use all those different colours creatively. All these colours laid on a black coloured background.

The reel table is border by a thin coloured line giving the reel table a rectangular shape. Attached to the sides of this rectangularly shaped border are arrows in green and white colours. By both sides of the reel, the table is figured in a vertical manner showing the numbers of paylines of this game. This slot game comes 10 paylines. At the left top of the reel, the table is the name of the slot game written with an excellent graphical style that unifies with the whole design of the reel table. You would quite catch the beauty of this slot game until you spin the reel and see how all the symbols brighten up.

There are 16 ways to spin in this slot game. Whatsoever choice of spin you choose is up to you. And with its 16 ways to spin comes different ways to win.  

Elementium Spin 16 Slot Features

There are many bonuses in this slot game, and they are:

Spin Hot/Cold: Choosing to spin between these two options will show you how well to get multipliers during the Multiplier Match bonus. If you are looking for how always to get multipliers, this is the best feature in the slot game for that.

Scatter bonus: The scatter in this slot game give massive multipliers. They are called the Crystal Scatters. If you can spin a minimum of 3 Crystal Scatters into view, you will get 2x multiplier on your bet. If you get luckier and spin 5 of them on the reel, that would give you 8 times of your bets! That is amazing!

The Wild: The wild in this slot game just like most slot games will replace other symbols on the reel with itself to give you a winning combination. The energy wheel symbol represents the wild. Not only does the wild give you a winning combination, but it also could double your stake, thereby giving you a multiplier.  

Multiplier Match: When this is triggered it set a bonus arrow rotating. You get a multiplier with this multiplier match feature if the bonus arrow stops in the same direction it started from.

Solo Multiplier: This kind of multiplier is one you will often get as you play the slot game. If you can match three symbols of the same kind, you will be given a 3x return on your bet.

Elementium Spin 16 Slot Game Review 2019

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There is no much difference when playing this slot game on both mobile and desktop platforms. The only difference is that you while the mobile gives you ease of gameplay because of its mobility, the desktop platform does not as it always stationary. For those who love playing their slot games on a bigger screen, the mobile platform may not cut it for you with this based on your widescreen preference. However, it is advisable that you try the slot game on both platforms to see how the one you will eventually be settling for. While there is no significant difference between these platforms, when playing this game on a mobile device, you should change your orientation to landscape.