Fruitoids UK Online Slot

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Fruitoids slot game

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Fruitoids is a 5 reel, 25 payline slot game with a 96.7% RTP and Respins feature.

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Fruitoids UK online slot game

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Fruitoids UK Online Slot

Games make us feel that we are able to do things which can make us both entertained and rewarded. It’s like there’s something with the game that makes you want to see how lucky you can be. Be it a slot game or any other game that you have played previously, you must have felt an idea that you want to be at the top and collect everything there is. However, that is not as easy as it may seem. Fruit machine slots, for instance, may seem like the kind of game you want to get lucky in. You may think it is easy because it is after all about luck. If you are confident about it, you might think that you’ll get lucky on the first attempt, or the second and so on. It’s not always that easy, irrespective of your confidence. But that doesn’t mean it’s nearly impossible.

Fruitoids Developer - Yggdrasil

Yggdrasil’s Fruitoid may appear to be a fruit machine-themed game but it goes a lot more than that. For starter's, the name isn’t everything, of course. Yggdrasil is an immense mythical tree that connects the nine worlds in Norse cosmology. 

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 The game has a sort of outer space theme to it. The fruits, that you may have thought of or imagined to be in the game are definitely not going to be there. Bananas don’t grow in outer space nor do watermelons. But in this game, a unique set of fruit symbols will be seen. The symbols can probably be just imagination or can be attributed to the creativity of the developers. Nonetheless, the game is a fruit slot game and though it is related to the outer space theme, it can certainly be entertaining provided that you’re on a streak of luck. Come to think of it, whether it’s Fruitoid or any game or any other slot game irrespective of any theme, all you really need is your goodwill and hope to be on your side.

The RTP of Fruitoids is 96.7%. Without a doubt the RTP is impressive and for a fruit game of such a nature as exhibited by Fruitoids, it is worth praising. Fruitoids offer its players 5 reels and 25 payline. The symbols used in this game are not alone beautifully constructed but have this unique and rather strange vibe. They’re not quite like fruits you get to see in a grocery shop. Fruitoids, it seems, are like interstellar or outer space fruits of something. It would appear that the symbols used in this game are not quite easy to describe except their distinct colors can be used to distinguish their features. Ranking from top to bottom, the symbols used in this game are the round purplish fruit, the twin yellow fruits, red fruits protected in blue lotus, and the rest are pink, purple, aqua green and orange fruits.

Fruitoids Slot Features

Moving on to the bonus rounds, to be fair, there isn’t exactly one offered in the game’s detail. All you have to do is two strike two sorts of symbols in the game to get re-spins and multipliers. To avail free spins, all you have to do is get the purplish fruit at least thrice in any of the payline. Once done, you can easily get yourself free spins. If you’re lucky enough and are getting the symbols anywhere in the payline, you’re entitled to have free spins as much as you want. This round solely relies on your ability to land the symbol in the game. The other round helps you with the multipliers. Should you manage to fill a column consecutively with any symbols, you’ll be able to have lots of multipliers, as we speak. There is no need for any specific symbol to land in the slot, so you have the free hand to make any symbol work. The multiplier scored counts on the number of columns you manage to grab land. The more columns the more the number of multipliers.

Moving on to the verdict of the game, Fruitoids may have this intriguing vibe to the game where it doesn’t necessarily look like one of those slot fruit games. There are fruits in the game but there’s a great chance that you may never have encountered those fruits or fruitoids in real life. Nonetheless, the symbols and the game’s graphics are certainly attractive and do make the game worth a play. However, that is not the entire detail of the game itself. Moving on to the more technical aspects of the game, the RTP is certainly an impressive one but even with such an impressive RTP, the game doesn’t promise so many bonus and feature rounds that can truly bring out its creativity. Without any entertaining bonus rounds or features, the game can be embarked a simple online slot game. If a player had their eyes set on expecting more from the game on its features and bonus rounds due to the outer space sort of vibe, it’s not quite so. Nonetheless, Yggdrasil’s Fruitoids apart from game’s entertaining and appealing graphics could have made the game much more promising.

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