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Hold the Safe

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Hold The Safe Slot Game

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Hold The Safe Slot Game Summary

There are so many games with lots of themes and different features. All these games have so much to offer to the player. Any slot you play, no matter how simple or complicated it may be, it is important to know that the theme of the game does say a lot about it, as far as the first impression goes. The rest of the game can be taken with full consideration provided that it guarantees to entertain the player and brings them the reward they anticipate.

Hold The Safe Slot Game Gameplay

One of the most interesting things about playing slot games is the fact that you have to rely on things not just limited to your mental intuition and capabilities. For instance, you might think that relying only on your senses is enough. That whatever the game offers is all you can expect and whatever it takes you will get through it all and manage to beat the odds posed by the game. It goes a lot more than that practically speaking. When it comes to playing slots, one thing should be kept in mind that it is not just limited to the random hand of luck which holds the capacity of blessing anyone it likes or not. In a way, that is true but is not quite convincing. There are ways that one might be able to use their potential and abilities to get the best out of the game. All it takes is the right time and the player’s ability to strike at the spot. If missed, the play may have missed a great opportunity and could have taken it all home. In simple words, all it takes is the right choices. If made at the right time and in the right place, the reward will be given and it will be a lot.

When it comes to slots, a lot of games come with varying themes. The themes the developers offer in the game manage to keep the attention of the player at all times and are entertained at the best. Needless to say, very games manage to take charge when it comes to rewards and the way the rewards are given to the player. That is, some themes are just about the reward and not anything fancy or something close to imagination or fantasies.

hold the safe online slot

Hold The Safe. This isn’t something of an action but is an action-packed game developed by Eyecon. The game is all about the player’s ability to make the most out of it. The game has a theme where the player has to be on guard and make sure that they are doing all they can to safeguard the safe. The game is filled with action. The symbols used are all about heists, money, mafia, which makes the game a perfect opportunity for players to try their luck and win rewards. If they are lucky enough to manage to live through the action, they just might be able to find themselves with all the rewards the game was entitled.

hold the safe uk slot

Hold The Safe Slot Game Features

Here are a few things that you need to know about Hold The Safe.

Hold The Safe bears an RTP of 95.2%. The game has 5 reels and offers payline of 25. With such basic features, there is no doubt that the rewards offered by this game can be quite amazing. The symbols employed in this game are Gold Bars, Briefcase, Watch, Diamonds, Ring, and A, K, J, Q, 9, and 10. The letters/number symbols used in this game can offer a bit of point. For instance, the Q symbol can offer the player 50 points if it is found 5 times in the payline. 10 and 5 points if the symbol is found 4 and 3 times respectively. The A symbol can offer 75 points if found 5 times. The reward can still be appreciated as it can offer 20 and 5 points if found 4 and 3 times respectively. Moving on the bigger symbols, the Ring and Diamond symbols can offer 125 points only if the player manages to get the symbol 5 times in the payline. 160 points are offered if the Watch and the Briefcase symbols are found 5 times in the payline. The player can still get 30 points if any of the symbols are found 4 times in the game. Finally, the gold bar can let the player have as much as 200 points provided that the symbol is found 5 times in the payline.

There are 3 important rounds to look for in this game. If the Diamond symbol is caught at least thrice in the game, the player is eligible to 6 free games. The Wild symbol should be looked for and if found in the 2-5th reel, all symbols are replaced by Wild. Finally, the Safe symbol can bring a lot to the player. The symbol should be found in stacks of 2 and to be found only in 2-4th reel. If Scatter symbol is found in this mode, the free spins are reset to 3, therefore, as long as you get the Scatter symbol in the game, you’ll have 3 free spins for an unlimited period of time.

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There are so many games that are both adventurous and action-packed as far as the theme goes. The very same can be said for Hold The Safe and a lot of other games that are about to be mentioned. Some of the games that come close to Hold The Safe are Heist and Wild Wild West. These games come very close to the theme and idea of Hold The Safe.

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A lot of games come in the same category as Hold The Safe as far as the RTP of the game goes. Undead Rich is not only related to Hold The Safe theme wise but shares just about the same RTP as the game. If that’s not all, some of the features in this game are very similar to Hold The Safe.

A lot of games with so many themes and features can be easily accessed at

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