Jungle Books UK Online Slot

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Jungle Books slot game

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Jungle Books is a 3-3-4-3-3 layout 59 ways to win slot game with a 96.1% RTP. This UK Online Slot comes with Respins, Sticky Wild and Wild feature.

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Jungle Books UK online slot game

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Jungle Books UK Online Slot

There have been so many things written about the life of the jungle. Even before the world was at its peak of discovering new islands, places, and vast resources of minerals, jungles existed. There were forests that have never touched. The trees were old and majestic, the wildlife existed and followed its unwritten constitution of being the fittest in any part of the group. It is important to understand just how life was when nobody was there to record it. Nature ruled in that sphere. There was a not a human being that had the guts to control or manipulate the resources that were present there. Just a few centuries ago, we are competing against nature and how it worked. We still had the superior intellect of facing the wildest and the toughest animals but we still lacked so much.

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Jungle Books Developer - Yggdrasil

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At the present moment, we are standing proudly on the top of the food pyramid. We have not only the vast technology but we have done everything to exploit everything we ever wanted. In this process, we may have done more damage but we have also done wonderful things. We have managed to find out about animals and how they exist and behave not just animals but as societies.

Come to think of it, many animals around us exist as societies. They don’t wander like ascetics or individuals without any background. They have all had a past and like everyone, they know how to survive. It’s been written not only in scientific literature but in fiction. One of the very fascinating pieces of fiction regarding the topic is Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling. The book has the tales of animals from sub-continent which is now Pakistan and India. There were animals who talked, listened, and most importantly interacted with a human child. There were both protagonists and antagonists in the book just like in real life and in fiction. In simple words, it’s books like Jungle Book that connect us humans with the lives and feelings of animals.

Jungle Books by Yggdrasil comes somewhat close to the original work. The game manages to bring out the jungle, the majestic and beautiful animals, along with Mowgli. The game is both adventurous and shares the animal/jungle theme as far as the slots go. That being said, the game also promises its lucky and fortunate enough players to try their luck and win as much as they can. In a way, if you want to give it your best, Jungle Books is the kind of online slot that can help you win a lot while surviving in the jungle and trying out your luck.

Jungle Books Slot Features

Here are a few things you want to know about Jungle Books.

The game holds an RTP of 96.1% which can be considered quite impressive for a game like Jungle Books. There are 5 reels and 68 paylines. The real game begins not with just the pushing the spin button and going for the highest paying symbol but it goes a long way than just that. For those who are familiar with the actual Jungle Book, there are several characters that form the basis of the story. Well, these characters are playable and the game offers 5 different modes where each character is playable. The playable modes include playing as the Panther, Bear, Tiger, Snake, and the boy. All these modes are different from each other and offer a variety to the player.

Starting with the Panther mode, it can offer two different amazing benefits to the player. If the player manages to get Wilds in the reel, all the high paying symbols are converted into Wild symbols. Another random bonus is provided to the player as the game offers random wins and thereby offers multipliers up to 2, 3, and 5 times. If the honeycomb symbol is found in the game, further multipliers can also be constituted in the game.

Jungle Books Slot Game Review 2019

The other mode offering Bear also has 2 modes to offer to the player. On the 1st reel on the left, the reel is stacked with one random symbol and all the reels are then used. Now, this symbol can either be the honeycomb or the wild, but do bear in mind, it happens randomly and not on choice. The other mode is the most fascinating one. If there is already present a honeycomb symbol and you manage to get another one, you are taken to a separate game where you can win 50 to 50,000 free coins.

The other modes offered in the game include 3 times multiplier, in case of the snake. The Tiger mode can offer sticky respins and if you’re lucky, you can get a number of free spins. Lastly, the boy, this mode can offer synced reels which can offer great rewards for the player. Upon scoring the wild, random wilds can also be added in the game can also offer huge rewards to the player.

The game has a lot to offer as far as its features go. The graphics used in this game are marvellous and 3D which makes the whole experience really worth it.