Planet of the Apes UK Online Slot

Sci-fi is an amazing thing to games, TV shows and movies of all kinds. There is so much that can be done and achieved only by using the vast resources of imagination along with the scientific possibilities of what can and what cannot happen.

Planet of the Apes uk slot game

Planet of the Apes Slot Game Summary

What if there was an idea where so much can be done and said. It's not just about where the mind can take us or rather the question is where will the possibilities ever end. One thing that has always intrigued the human mind is its ability to communicate and understand animals and other species. It cannot be done through speech.

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Sign language does work to the extent that if chimps are taught, they can easily communicate with human beings. But that is not the end of our curiosity as human beings. Perhaps we still want more. We are perhaps in search of the truth that only animals are capable of telling. How far have we come to manage or understand the animal kingdom so far? Perhaps not much. We may know they have habits, their instinct for survival is always on the go, but communication with animals is certainly an idea we're all looking to explore in every given possible moment.

Planet of the Apes UK Slot Gameplay

One of the most astounding works of science fiction includes Planet of the Apes. The movie didn't just inspire other works of science fiction to come into existence in the future but it also gave a rather paranoid view of the possible future. Scientifically speaking, we're very close to chimpanzees as far as our DNA goes. Should they be given the opportunity or the mere chance to be themselves and work with the human race to improve the living standards on earth, perhaps the human race will finally have an opponent that will determine the fate of its very presence and existence. As shown in the film, humans had to fight and battle the other species for the sake of survival. Perhaps what was done in the past to all the Apes and the family of Apes was despicable and the rise of intelligence in the Apes has managed to bring out a conscience that should make them the master of the realm that is the earth. The slave, or more like the test subject has now the conscience and the grand opportunity to revisit its choices and overthrow the grip of mankind that had enslaved and ridden it of its basic necessities.

Inspired by this very same idea comes to a very entertaining slot called Planet of the Apes. The game is both adventurous and promises the exact resemblance it truly deserves as far as the film itself goes. There is no doubt that the slot can very well be considered a mirror image of the original film. The game is a lot more than just about the film. The game offers a lot of opportunities to win all kinds of rewards and features. All it really needs is the player's ability to try their luck and see what they accomplish.

Planet of the Apes online slot   Planet of the Apes Slot game

Planet of the Apes Slot Game Features

Here are some of the features of Planet of the Apes by Netent.

The RTP offered by this game is 96.33% which can be considered quite impressive for that game that is based on two movies, Rise of the planet of the Apes and Dawn of Planet of the Apes. Because the game has two movies fitted into it, it would be no surprise to know that this game is going to be a little challenging. Keeping the following in mind, the game has not 3 or 5 but 10 reels in it. The reels are divided into 2 sections each covering the movie characters. The symbols are also different and only the important ones will be discussed and mentioned. For the left half of the reel, the Wild symbol is golden and offers the player 600 points for scoring 5 of it. The points turn 50, and 40 upon being scored as 4 and 3, respectively. For the other half, the Wild is a red symbol offering the same score as previously stated. The Scatter symbols are golden and red for both sides. Bear in mind that the two symbols are counted separated and are allocated only to each slot side. The symbol if scored 5 times will offer 1000 points. The same goes for both the symbols.

The features offered by the game are remarkable and quite interesting. The Dual feature can be triggered randomly. This feature focuses on a symbol. The symbol turns sticky on both sides giving players the opportunity to win a lot of scores. Chances are the symbol could be a Wild, Scatter or any high paying one. The Rise feature of the game is triggered when the Rise symbol appears only in the first reel and causes all human symbols to give rewards to the player. The same follows for the Dawn symbol except it has to appear in the last, the 10th reel of the game. The Stacked Wild Feature is generated when the Wild symbols occupy the entire 2nd and 7th reel of the game. Finally, for any Scatter symbol appearing in the reel at least thrice will offer at least 10 free spins. That is, however, true only for the Rise of the game. For Dawn, getting Scatters thrice can offer 15 paylines.

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