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Robin Of Sherwood slot game

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Robin Of Sherwood is a 5 reel, 243 ways to win slot game with a 95.86% RTP. This UK Online Slot comes with Free Spins, Scatter symbol, Gamble and Wild feature.

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Robin Of Sherwood UK Online Slot

England is a place that has been known to historians for a number of reasons. In this land, not only did the Romans come to rule dating back to at least 1800 years ago, but so much has been flourished in the land that we now call England. In particular, so many historical figures have emerged from this place. They were not only economists, philosophers, kings, queens, but hero, and figures who managed to shine bright and fulfilled their lives in bringing justice to those who deserved. One particular figure comes to mind when heroes and figures from England are discussed. Here is everything you need to know about Robin of Sherwood slots game.

Robin of Sherwood Developer - Rabcat

This is where Robin of Sherwood enters as a slot game developed by Rabcat. Rabcat is a leading game studio of premium casino game applications for the international gaming industry located in Vienna/Austria. Other slot game from Rabcat include Crystal Rift slot and Moby Dick UK slot.

While this is a game that is related to Robin Hood, there are so many games that share not only the theme but the main character himself. Robin Hood Riches of Sherwood Forest is one of the slots that is pretty much like Robin of Sherwood, only, of course, Robin of Sherwood has much better graphics than the aforementioned. Lady Robin Hood is also a slot that comes close to Robin of Sherwood.

One of the most anticipated slots that resemble Robin of Sherwood happens to Game of Thrones slot game. It offers not only the similar RTP but also has the same number of 243 paylines as in Robin of Sherwood. 

Play Robin of Sherwood Mobile Slot

Sherwood has been used in many tales. It is considered one of the most beautiful places in England. Not only because it is rich in green but also has a remarkable sight to it which brings not just tourists but the locals too to visit and feel the presence of nature in it. That being said, Sherwood is actually the name of a forest located in Nottinghamshire, England. The most incredible and the most featured reference of Sherwood, as well as Nottinghamshire, can be found in the tales of Robin Hood. If you don’t know who Robin Hood was, you’re about to find out.

Robin Hood was the answer to the cries of people who were exploited and deprived of their rights. The man is said to have been alive in the 12th century. He was said to have been a man of principle. This man who followed his principles had a lot of following. His ultimate aim was to give the poor what they deserved the most: their wealth. For the authority, Robin was a mere thief but his campaign was against the bourgeoisie. He stole from the rich to give to the poor. He dedicated a great portion of his life risking and fighting the upper hierarchy of the society only to help the underprivileged.

In today’s world, Robin of Sherwood is known in movies, literature, comics, and even games. The game gives you a great chance not only to try your luck but also be a part of the time when Robin Hood existed and followed his heart helping the poor and unprivileged part of the society. The man was brave and was filled with zest. All this is offered to relieve once again in Robin of Sherwood slot game.    

Robin of Sherwood Slot Features

The RTP enrolled in this game is 95.86%. This game is not actually based on the movie that has been released in the past but the RTP suggests that the game can offer a lot to its players. The game offers 243 paylines and has 5 reels which say a lot about the game and indeed promises its players the reward they truly wish to receive. Nonetheless, it all depends on the struggle that the player has to endure to achieve the best of theirs. Even with such a great RTP and plenty of paylines, you never know if you can win the game all the way or not.

The symbols employed in this game are basically the characters. The symbols are Friar tuck, Big John, Mary, Sheriff of Sherwood and Robin Hood. The great reward any symbol can offer here is, goes without saying, Robin Hood. You can get €15 if you manage to get 5 of Robin symbols in the game, €7.5 for scoring 4 symbols, and finally €1.5 for just 3. The sheriff of Sherwood can also offer a great reward. €7.5 if you manage to get 5 of them, and €3 for scoring 3 of the symbols. The symbol to look out for is the € Euro symbol. If you manage to get 3 of those, you’ll get €3. For 4 times, it is €15, and finally if you get 5 of them in the pay line, you’ll get €30. As always, goes without saying, all you need is your good luck to be on your side and you can pretty much win any game.

As far as the featured games go, you need only 3 scatter symbols to begin with. Once done, you can get as much as 10 free spins. On scoring the wild symbols, all the symbols turn wild minus the scatter symbols.

Robin of Sherwood Slot Game Review 2019

While that is all that the Robin of Sherwood offers, it must be emphasized that should there have been more entertaining features offered in the game, it would have been a lot more interesting. Despite the game offers so much through its paylines, RTP and even free spins, the game still lacks the features of the entertainment that could have made it one of the most anticipated game, as far as the history slots go.

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