The Lost Riches of Amazon UK Online Slot

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The Lost Riches Of Amazon slot game

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The Lost Riches Of Amazon is a 5 reel, 2,048 ways to win slot game with a 96.06% RTP. This UK Online Slot comes with Free Spins, Respins and Wild feature.

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The Lost Riches Of Amazon UK online slot game

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The Lost Riches Of Amazon UK Online Slot

Silicon can easily be found anywhere on earth. Salt can be easily found in anything we eat nowadays but the worth of what we have today was unknown to us just a few decades ago. Even centuries ago, we had developed a lot compared to the human civilization back in 3000, 2000 BCE but time has changed quite a lot since the 2000, 3000 BCE. Come to think of it, a lot has changed just in 1000 years. In human development, 500 years are not enough, let alone 100 years or a few centuries. 1000 years is not a grand number and so much has been done in hundreds of thousands of year that has brought us to the level that we are living in today.

The RTP of this slot game is 96.06% which can be considered quite an incredible number for a game that shares the game of The Lost Riches of Amazon.

The Lost Riches of Amazon Developer - Foxium

The Lost Riches of Amazon offered by Foxium gives you a remarkable opportunity to try your luck and find whatever you can in this game.

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But even though we have managed to exploit and found a lot, we still haven’t explored everything. For instance, some studies reveal that only 5% of the ocean has been explored. A lot has yet to be explored in the Amazon forest. That being said, so much can still be explored by the humans of today’s age. A lot of animals and their species still inhabit the Amazon today. We don’t know about them so much but a lot of the animals concentrated in that part of the world are still unexplored, not to mention unexplained. What is more fascinating is not so much about the animals but the remains of human beings. Imagine what if there are still present traces of treasures of substances that have never been explored, touched, or heard of by the human species. Could there be buried treasures or hidden traces of human genius or intelligence that was never unveiled to our world before? Chances are that whatever was hidden by the human eye and never got to be explored if done today, it will be known not only to a few explorers but to everyone in the world at the same time.

Perhaps there are, in fact, traces of possible treasure still unrecognized or not found in the Amazon.  The game has a lot of opportunities for its players to try and see where their luck can take them. It is only a matter of time you could be close to the riches of Amazon or not. But if you are bound on trying, you might just get somewhere and have yourself awarded with The Lost Riches of Amazon.

The Lost Riches of Amazon Slot Features

Here is everything you need to know about The Lost Riches of Amazon:

The game has 5 reels and has a great number of pay lines that makes the game quite an opportunity for players to try their luck. The game has 2048 paylines which show that the game has a great deal of variance and can offer a lot to the players. The notable symbols of this game are a girl, a man, stairs, backpack, map, and three other animals. The symbols to look for are the man, girl, stairs and the backpack. For the girl symbol, you can get €15 for scoring the symbol 5 times in the payline. You can get €4.5 for getting the symbol 4 times. The man symbol can get you €7.5 if you can get it 5 times. €3 if you can manage to get it 4 times. The stairway symbol can let you have €4.5 if you manage to get it 5 times and finally, the backpack can let you have €3 only if you can have it 5 times.

The symbol that really matters the most in this game is the Wild symbol. The symbol has a brown mask with Wild wrote on it. If the symbol manages to get in the reel, all the high paying symbols are replaced by the Wild symbol. There are 12 Wild symbols in the game. If you manage to collect them all, the middle reel, the 3rd one that is, will be filled with Wilds giving a great opportunity to the players to try their luck and win as much as they possibly can.

The verdict of the game can be put in simple and brief words. Foxium’s The Lost Riches of Amazon could very well be their only game offering the highest value of variance. The game provides not only a lot of opportunities to win but manages to provide an adventurous and explorer sort of theme in the game. It’s almost as if you are a real explorer and are looking to get the lost riches that are buried or hidden somewhere in the Amazon forest. The best way to get yourself the right prizes is to get the Wild symbols. Should you manage to get that, the game has promised a lot.