Thunder Reels UK Online Slot

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Thunder Reels slot game

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Thunder Reels is a 3 reel, 5 payline slot game with a 96.13% RTP by Playson.

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Thunder Reels UK online slot game

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Thunder Reels UK Online Slot

For thousands of years, man has feared thunderstorms because of their loud and banging nature. With the advent of science and technology however man has been able to tame these thunderstorms. This fun-filled slot game will allow you to experience the inside of this thunderstorm. All it requires is guts and a little bit bravery to face the storm. Only those who dare and have the will to win will enter this thunderstorm because apparently it will leave you exposed to a lot dangers. If you want to explore the thunderstorm more then spin the reels at a faster rate and you will be able to go deeper into the storm. It is rumoured that the storm contains a lot of hidden rewards and precious items which have been stuck in it since the unknown number of years. If you manage to spin the reels at the speed of the storm then you can easily access the rewards and bonuses which will completely change your fortunes.

Thunder Reels Developer - Playson

Developed by Playson this online slot game will take you to the inside of a thunderstorm where you will be witnessing this awesome phenomenon of Mother Nature. Thunderstorms have always amazed scientists and have been a source of fear in humans since ancient times.

Playson is relatively a new company as compared to other slot developers however since its establishment in 2012 it has made a great name in this field. Other similar games from Playson include Claws vs Paws slot game, Aquarium, Eastern Delights slot and Gold Rush etc.

Play Thunder Reels Mobile Slot

The reels spin at a very high rate on the autoplay feature which will allow you to maximize your chances of wins and rewards. If you have what it takes to become a storm conqueror then this is the right slot for you. Pack your gear and get ready to mount the ship on Money Reels that will take you to the inside of this storm. Fear not because those who conquer their fears, conquer their fates. This slot gives you a chance to conquer your fear and enjoy the storm in a fruity manner. Yes! You heard it right, Fruits. The developers have managed to merge two different themes into a single one. You will be seeing fruits and the sci-fi theme of storm together in this slot which will allow you to double your fun and make this storm even more worth enjoying. Who could have thought that these storms contain such fruity prizes and rewards for the players? Never before has any storm been seen that rewards the people with fruits. After playing this slot you won’t be associating these thunderstorms with danger or bad phenomenon. 

Instead, you will be looking forward to them and will be willing to go once again into the heart of the thunderstorm. It is very rightly said that those who risk their lives to achieve great feats are always getting more chances to win and earn lotteries and rewards. Get ready and start to tame storms in this awesome slot by Playson. Your fortunes are about to change because you have dared to enter this thunderstorm. A lot of different juicy fruits await you in this slot as well. This game has an RTP of 96.13% and has got 3 reels with 5 betways on which the players can play. This fruity adventure in that darkly themed thunderstorm is going to be as rewarding as it sounds and will give you roller coaster rides of fun and adrenaline rush. Try not to lack behind in spinning the reels and it is advised that you spin the reels on an automatic mode so that the maximum benefit can be reaped out of the spinning reels. The autoplay feature will not only allow you to relax but will also let you focus on other tasks if any. The faster you spin the reels the more thunder you will rumble and the more chances you have of winning.

Thunder Reels Slot Features

The gameplay and theme of this game focus on a mixture of two things that are thunderstorms and fruits. With two genre of Sci-Fi and Fruits mixed this slot is going to give a very unique and new experience to the players in terms of gameplay. The theme is also dark coloured to give the impression of a thunderstorm and danger. Don’t be afraid of the dark theme and the unknown storm because it is hosting a great deal of rewards for you. The slot box of the game bordered by an orange line with 3 pairs of reels with each pair separated by a golden line. The information and the play buttons are placed on the bottom of the screen. Symbols that are used in the game are all fruits or lucky symbols such as 7 symbol, stars symbol, bar symbol, plum fruit symbol, oranges, cherries, lemons and an X symbol.

This amazing slot is full of risks and adventures. These risks and adventures will ultimately pay off to the player in the form of rewards. This slot offers the following rewards to the players. The base game of this slot has got all the bonus features and there are as such no extra symbols or features like other slots. It is more of a traditional slot that allows you to enjoy the basic traditional slot gaming in a very simple and fast manner.

If you are able to fill all the nine reels on the screen with the same symbol then it will reward you with double wins on everything on the screen and award you with a multiplier of 2x.

This game also has got a stunning gamble feature which is for the daredevils who think that they can control their fortunes. This gamble feature allows the players to double or quadruple their wins by selecting the correct suite. If they are unable to predict the correct suite then they will lose it all. So try the gamble feature but at your own risk.