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Burning Wins

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Burning Wins uk slot game

Burning Wins Slot Game Summary

There are so many games that share a lot of features and themes. All these slots are equally entertaining and not to mention with a great and remarkable theme. All these games may have similar features and other technical descriptions, but many of these games manage to stand out only because of the fact that they attend to the players and how they want the game to direct their attention. Most importantly, the theme and the basic background of the game is the most important bit which represents every slot online.

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Burning Wins Slot Game Gameplay

While there are many games that have different themes, there is nothing wrong in saying that the games present online have their own attitude. This sort of attitude is represented by whatever the game offers through its theme and ideas. For instance, there are many games that could entertain movie buffs if they are into movies and all about whatever goes into making movies. Some are inspired by fantasies and find their perfect idea of a game in themes related to pixies, fairies, and demons. There are slots that are based on cowboys, sports, animals etc. There are slots of all kinds, and most importantly, they are entertaining and amazing to play. All it really needs is the player’s utmost attention and the game can be played with joy, entertainment, and fulfilment.

There are, however, still many games that manage to find their way in a more simplistic theme. Those games barely manage to focus on the bigger things that a lot of games have to offer. For instance, there are many games that offer a lot of featured rounds, bonus games, not to mention new levels of the game. It’s almost like playing another game in a slot game. It cannot be termed crazy but certainly creative. Many players enjoy that sort of idea where they are not limited to just spinning and playing. For some players, that might not be quite true. There are some players who only like games for being simple, yet entertaining. That is, they are not interested in the featured content of the game and how much it has to offer to the player, or that how many games are present within the slot. For some players, it is all about spinning and taking their time to see where their luck will take them.

Burning Wins online slot game

Burning Wins was developed by Playson and is like one of those not so rare but not so common games with a simple theme. The game is exactly like a modern version of fruit slot machine. The technical features, as it will be discussed are just like the old-school versions of fruit slot, but only that they are more exciting and entertaining to play. Slots can be minimal and could just make the player stick to the basics, but it all depends on the player and how she/he manages to make the most out of the game. Burning Wins is not just a simplistic sort of slot, but can also allow the player to try their luck and if done in the right direction, they can surely win a lot and have their luck win for them so many exciting rewards.

Burning Wins Slot Game Features

Here are a few things you should know about the game.

Burning Wins by Playson comes with an RTP of 96.21%. The sort of RTP this game offers says a lot about the game and is guaranteed to make the player feel worth being lucky. This game has a 3 x 3 reel and therefore holds a very classical approach as much as the gameplay goes. One of the things about this game that may not come as a surprise is that this game only offers a payline of 5. Moving on to the more technical part of the game, the symbols used in this game are 777, Bells, Bar Bar, Watermelon, Grapes, Plum, Lemon, Orange, and Cherries.

Burning Wins slot game

Starting only with the smallest reward, Burning Wins can let you win 700 only if you manage to get 3 cherry symbols in the payline. The same reward applies for Cherry, Orange, Lemon, and Plums. The game gets better when Watermelon and Lemon symbols are used. That’s when the game can offer 1500 rewards for being found 3 times in the payline. The Bar Bar Symbol can offer 2000, and the bells symbol can let the player 4000 points. Lastly, the greatest reward lies in the 777 symbols, and that is where the player has the ability to win 6000 points if found thrice in the payline.

Similar Theme Games With Burning Wins:

There are so many games that can be associated with Burning Wins. It’s not just about being simplistic but also coming close to the theme. Some of the games that come in this category are Fruit Machines and Classic Fruit Slot. Fruit Machines cannot only be easily found anywhere online but is one of those simple fruit slots that can manage to take anyone’s choice of a great simple slot. It’s games like these and Classic Fruit slot that manage to make and take it all as far as rewards for having a simplified slot goes. Super Burning Wins slot also manages to get the same description, as well as, the equal entertainment.

Similar Feature Games With Burning Wins:

There are so many games that manage to come close to Burning Wins with respect to features. One of the most interesting games that can come close to Burning Wins with respect to RTP is Revenge Of Cyborgs. The game is not only entertaining but as far as the features go, strictly speaking, the game manages to have it all. Rainbow Wilds slot also manages to not only offer the same RTP as Burning Wins but also has a somewhat striking resemblance with Burning Wins, as far as fruit theme slots are concerned.

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