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Flaming Fox

Play Flaming Fox Slot with 500 Free Spins at Money Reels

Play Flaming Fox

Martial Arts and Animals are two separate topics that are favourite among people. What about combining them together and forming a joint theme? This is exactly what Red Tiger has done in this slot. Developers have very innovatively combined two different themes of animals and martial arts and the result is an awesome slot with lots of fun filled gameplay and entertaining animations. The game has been given a slight Asian touch because of its relation with kung Fu.

Flaming Fox uk slot game

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Flaming Fox Slot Game Summary

This looks more like the slot version of Kung Fu Panda movie. Instead of master Shifu we have got the Flaming Fox in this slots game. The flaming fox is a master of the fighting arts and is the teacher of this fighting academy which trains different chosen animals to fight and become worthy warriors. The flaming fox takes it on himself to train all those animals and takes full responsibility of the training academy. Although you might find his hanging whiskers very cute, don’t take the master lightly. He is rumoured to have fought the legendary army of enemies single handed. You are a visitor to this academy who is being given tour to this animated and fun world by Red Tiger. Explore this martial arts academy and see if you can find the fun and entertaining aspects as well. The gates to the academy are open at Money Reels. This game has an RTP of 95.06% with 5 reels and 10 paylines. The bet per spin in this slot is between £0.10 - £150.

Flaming Fox online slot

Flaming Fox Online Slot Gameplay

The gameplay and theme of this slot are generally Asian with a theme that depicts the inside of a Chinese building. It aims at creating the inside of the famed fighting academy for the players. If you want to earn some wins and rewards then show the Master Fox some of your kung fu skills as well by spinning the reels. If you amply impress the master then you will be granted some rewards from the master’s personal treasure. Try to explore all the parts of this academy and meet all the animals because each animal in this slot has his own fighting style, learn those different fighting styles and enjoy the company of cute Kung Fu fighting animals. This slot has a genre of Asian and Action. Background of the slot game shows the inside of this great training academy. On the walls and on the ground different training items are visible which the animals use to train themselves in the arts of fighting. Items such as Katanas and Spears are visible which are used by the animals to train. The hanging lamps depict the Asian culture that is dominant in the slot owing to its relation with Kung Fu. It has a dark blue theme to indicate that it is night time in the slot. Behind the slot box you can see the great master doing his night yoga between two pillars and floating mid in the air. Don’t take him lightly, even with his eyes closed the great master watches you and will take you down if you try to touch anything. The slot box is fully transparent and this transparency makes it look very stylish. It has no specific borders which totally merges it with the background. The game’s logo of Flaming Fox is displayed on top of the slot box. The animations make the game’s graphics stand out from other features and add a lot of excitement especially when the reels are spun they spin themselves in a very amazing way.

Flaming Fox slot game

Background sound of this slot is Asian music which relates to the kung Fu theme of the game. The symbols that the Great Master allows in the kung Fu academy are J,K,Q,A and 10 ( the minor valued symbols) and the major valued symbols such as flaming swords, a fiery scroll, a glowing headband and a pair of boots etc. Some extra symbols are also found this slot which are there to add more action into this martial arts based slot. These symbols are the wild symbol and the scatter symbol. They are depicted by Wild text symbol and the free spin symbol respectively. The wild symbol kicks out all other symbols from the screen with its kicks except the free spin scatter symbol. If you want to sit in the balcony of this kung Fu house and enjoy some Asian sights then just turn on the Autoplay and enjoy the rest of the game on an automatic mode.

Flaming Fox Slot Game Bonus Features

This amazing and fun filled slot has got a lot of bonus features and rewards for the players who visit the fighting academy. Master Fox is not only a great warrior but also a great host and loves to meet new guests in this academy on daily basis. Utilize this opportunity and try to earn the max rewards and bonuses which you can. This slot offers the following bonus features.

Flaming Features

As told earlier, don’t think that Master Fox is asleep. During the base game he will randomly pick reels or symbols and replace them with fire engulfed reels or symbols. These new and replaced symbols will be all in the form of high valued symbols or wilds thus helping you in making some really hefty wins. Master fox may also create more locked wilds in this feature.

Free Spins

If you have the fight in you and you manage to land at least 3x or more free spin symbols on the reels, then you will receive any random number of free spins. Keep in mind that the number of free spins would be directly proportional to the number of scattering symbols.

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